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1970-1976 Chevy Car 454 7.4L V8 -MAIN & ROD BEARINGS- 1970-1976 Chevy Car 454 7.4L V8 -MAIN & ROD BEARINGS- 1970-1976 Chevy Car 454 7.4L V8 -MAIN & ROD BEARINGS- 1970-1976 Chevy Car 454 7.4L V8 -MAIN & ROD BEARINGS- 1970-1976 Chevy Car 454 7.4L V8 -MAIN & ROD BEARINGS-

1970-1976 Chevy Car 454 7.4L V8 -MAIN & ROD BEARINGS-

1970-1976 Chevy Car 454 7.4L V8 -MAIN & ROD BEARINGS- Description Titan...
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Product Details

Condition:New Brand:Enginetech
Manufacturer Part Number:NP6305

Product Description

1970-1976 Chevy Car 454 7.4L V8 -MAIN & ROD BEARINGS- Description Titan Engines


Rods & Mains

1970-1976 Chevrolet 454 7.4L V8NOTE: Includes BOTH Main & Rod Bearings

Rod and Main Bearings
These bearings are manufactured by KING BEARINGS. King is one of the top manufacturers for the US Space Program. They use the same quality assurance on their engine bearings. King Bearings are not only of outstanding quality, but they are very unique in design. Here is where quality, design, and value all come together. These are simply the best bearings on the market. Also, because theyre designed and manufactured to EXCEED O.E.M. specs, theyll provide improved reliability, performance, and a long service life.

Benefits of using these bearings:

Tri-Metal vs. Bi-Metal Bearings
Traditional rod and main bearing construction is based upon a three layer configuration composed of a steel backing, a copper-lead layer and a very thin overlay of babbitt material only .0005 - .0008 thick. Alecular material is an alloy of aluminum, tin, copper and several other elements. Because it is an alloy, it maintains its properties throughout its entire depth, delivering consistent and reliable performance.These bearing uses just two layers, a high strength steel backing plus a bonded layer of Alecular bearing material .012 - .015 thick.
Particle Embed-ability
More than half of engine bearing failures are caused by metallic particles which scratch crank journals and tear or weaken thin babbitt overlays such as in the tri-metal bearing.Since Alecular bearing layer is much thicker than the babbitt overlay (.015 vs. .0008), it provides eighteen (18) times more embed-ability than a tri-metal bearing to catch and hold particles so they dont scratch the crank journals. This is especially true for particles over .0004 in diameter which cause most of the damage.
The much thicker layer of Alecular bearing material (.015 vs. .0008) allows the bearing to conform to problems such as metal to metal contact when there is misalignment present or the connecting rods stretch. Greater conform-ability means fewer bearing failures.
Temperature Resistance
The Alecular materials melting/fatigue point is over 1100 F, almost three times that of the thin babbitt overlay in a tri-metal bearing (400F). This means added protection against localized overheating due to misalignment, detonation, overloading, loss of coolant, etc.

Images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Buyer will receive correct parts for application described in listing.

Rod Bearings
Main Bearings

Any manufacturer(s) listed above are what we usually have in stock and are provided in these kits. Due to engine part turnover in the warehouses being so quick, we hold the right to substitute the manufacturer(s) listed with one of equal or greater quality.

Please contact us beforehand to verify the sizes you need are available. Oversizes are available at no extra charge.
Please specify sizes needed in PayPal notes section or eBay email otherwise your kit will not ship.

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