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Tamiya TT-01 R/C Car PTFE Sealed Bearing Set BBB8336 Tamiya TT-01 R/C Car PTFE Sealed Bearing Set BBB8336 Tamiya TT-01 R/C Car PTFE Sealed Bearing Set BBB8336 Tamiya TT-01 R/C Car PTFE Sealed Bearing Set BBB8336 Tamiya TT-01 R/C Car PTFE Sealed Bearing Set BBB8336

Tamiya TT-01 R/C Car PTFE Sealed Bearing Set BBB8336

International buyers - please read the "International Shipping" section of our listing prior to making your purchase for information on transit times. Please DO NOT...
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Product Details

Condition:New Brand:Big Ball Bearings
For Vehicle Type:Car MPN:BBB8336
Fuel Source:Electric Combined Shipping:Available - See Below
For Vehicle Brand:Tamiya Part:Bearings
Scale:1 UPC:Does Not Apply

Product Description

International buyers - please read the "International Shipping" section of our listing prior to making your purchase for information on transit times. Please DO NOT select the ECONOMY shipping option if you cannot accept the possible transit times. 

Los compradores internacionales - por favor lea la sección "Envío internacional" de nuestra lista antes de hacer su compra para obtener información sobre los tiempos de tránsito. Por favor, no seleccione la opción de envío ECONOMÍA si usted no puede aceptar los posibles tiempos de tránsito.

Les acheteurs internationaux - sil vous plaît lisez la section «Frais de port international» de notre liste avant de faire votre achat pour des informations sur les temps de transit. Sil vous plaît NE PAS sélectionner loption dexpédition ECONOMY si vous ne pouvez pas accepter les temps de transit


shipping-code:1.50:1:1:1 TamiyaTT-01 Chassis Radio Controlled Car  Teflon Sealed Bearing Set   BBB8336

This is a Big Ball Bearings BBB8336Teflon Sealed Bearing Set for Tamyia TT-01 (TT01) chasiss radio controlled cars. The setincludes 16 bearings.  Big Ball Bearings offers the best warranty in the business - a full 120 days - so you know they are excellent quality bearings.  The statistics on these bearings, as well as a quick guide on how to choose the right bearings is listed below. 

High Carbon Chrome Steel Construction For High Durability 

Double Teflon Sealed Bearing For High Performance, Long Life and Low Maintenance

Inner Bore Diameter Tolerances Accurate to within +/- 0.0002"

Outer Diameter Tolerances Accurate to within +/- 0.0003" 

Rated for Maximum RPM up to 63,000 RPM

Maximum Outer Ring Radial Runout 0.0004"

Maximum Inner Ring Radial Runout 0.0002"


Meet MIL-QW-990B/MIL-QW-4458B military standards for minimum noise 

output and tolerance




There are three main types of seals used in Hobby Sized Bearings - Metal Shields, Rubber Seals, and Teflon Seals. The basic function of the seal is twofold - to keep contaminants out and to keep the lubricant in. The three types of seals differ in their sealing ability, how freely they let the bearing spin, and of course cost.

Sealing ability refers to the ability of the seal to keep debris and contaminants out of the inner workings of the bearings. The better the seal, the less often you have to clean your bearings to keep them running smoothly. Failure to clean your bearings when needed will shorten their lifespan. If you want bearings that need very little maintenance, rubber sealed bearings require very little to no attention as they offer the tightest seal.. Metal shielded bearings require the most maintenance.

How Freely the Seal lets the bearing spin is directly related to the performance of the bearings. A rubber sealed bearing offers lower performance than the other types of seals because the rubber seal is actually in contact with the inner workings of the bearing, which results in higher friction as the balls rub against the rubber seals. Metal Shields, Teflon, and Polyamide Seals are "non-contact" as they are held in place away from the inner workings of the bearing. They let the bearing spin easier and offer noticeably higher performance.

Cost is always important in our hobby, and the type of seal does affect the cost of the bearing. The Chart below shows a comparison of the cost of the various bearings. Metal Shielded bearings are the least expensive, while PolyAmide sealed bearings are the most expensive (except for ceramic bearings which can cost you up to $400 for a set).

Ratings 1=Excellent 2=Very Good 3=Good 4=Fair
 Sealing AbilityAllows for Bearing to Spin FreelyAffordabilityMetal Shields 311Rubber Sealed Bearings (Contact)132Teflon Sealed Bearings113PolyAmide Sealed Bearings114

SEAL COLOR: Seal Color is unrelated to bearing quality or performance. It is only used by companies to help build name recognition.


There are two major types of materials used in the construction of Hobby Sized bearings - Chrome Steel and Stainless Steel. Both are excellent bearing materials. The main differences between the two are corrosion resistance and cost. Chrome Steel is slightly less expensive than Stainless Steel and will function very well under ordinary use (on or off-road), and under extreme use if properly maintained. If you are running in extreme conditions such as mud, water, or snow, Stainless Steel Bearings will require less maintenance. If you keep your bearings properly lubricated, you will not be able to tell the difference.


Tolerances refer to how closely the moving parts fit together. There is an incorrect assumption about tolerances that started with the Skateboarding crowd that the tighter the tolerance, the better the bearing and the higher performance you will get out of those bearings. This is true to a point - the tolerances on a bearing needs to be tight enough to prevent "wobble" and other performance reducing problems. As tolerances become too tight, however, friction inside the bearing starts to increase and the performance will begin to suffer. You need lubrication and enough space for the bearing to spin freely. The Tolerances in a bearing are described by an ABEC or ISO number. The Higher the ABEC number, the tighter the tolerances. Bearings must reach a certain tolerance level (such as a width to achieve and ABEC rating. We have found that ABEC-1 bearings work well for light use, but ABEC-3 bearings are the best for hard use or racing. We have found that ABEC-5 bearings offer slower lap times. Make sure you ask your seller what for the ratings on their bearings - if they dont know or wont tell you, they are probably selling the cheaper ABEC-1 or even non-ABEC rated bearings.


The warranty that covers the bearings is usually a good indicator of the bearing quality. A manufacturer wont want to offer a long warranty if they have inferior bearings. A warranty should replace a bearing in the case of premature failure. If you buy your bearings from an individual working out of their basement or company that does not offer a warranty you may end up with low quality bearings and no recourse for correcting the problem. Always ask what warranty is offered on your bearings.


Metal Shielded Bearings: Metal Shielded bearings offer excellent performance at a budget price. They work very well for on-road racers as they offer excellent performance and are easily maintained to keep them at peak performance. If used in an off-road application, exposed bearings such as wheel bearings will need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them running smoothly. (Inexpensive tools are available that makes cleaning easy) These are also excellent bearings in high-temperature applications such as Clutch Bells in Nitro Vehicles.

Rubber Sealed Bearings: Rubber Sealed Bearings are a nice choice for people who want bearings they can install and not have to worry about cleaning or maintaining them. They are also recommended for running in wet or extremely dirt conditions. Because of the performance loss involved with this kind of seal, they work best for sport use, and amateur racing.

Teflon Sealed Bearings: Teflon Sealed Bearings are an excellent choice for racers as they offer a combination of high performance and low maintenance. They work very well for both on-road and off-road applications.

PolyAmide Sealed Bearings: This is a new type of Teflon Sealed Bearing. It offers all the performance of other Teflon Seal Bearings, but includes a Polyamide core seal which offers a sealing ability that rivals rubber sealed bearings for protection from debris. This improved seal also offers greater resistance to heat, and improved lateral strength. Their High performance makes them well suited for both Electric and Nitro Racing Applications, while their maintenance free operation makes them just at home bashing around the backyard.


This item is brand new, sealed in the factory packing, with fullmanufacturers warranty.

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Save money on your orders with a combined shipping discount! We are more than happy to combine shipping on multiple purchases to save you money on shipping. We do require that all items must be paid for via a single payment. This makes it possible to match your items up for shipping, and eliminates the extra fees we get charged when separate payments are made -this allows us to pass the savings on to you. If separate payments are made, the full shipping charge for each item will apply. 

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***NOTE: The US Postal Service raised their international rates for small items by 30-50%.  We do offer an ECONOMY service as a less expensive alternative - but please see below about tracking and possible transit times BEFORE selecting ECONOMY. **

***THE CANADIAN POST is still having issues with long deliveries (Mainly having to do with backlogs of up to 40 days at Customs). Please DO NOT use Economy shipping if you live in Canada***


We like to keep our items available to buyers across the globe. Please familiarize yourself with the following terms for international shipping before bidding. This will help us keep our items available to international buyers. If you cannot abide by these terms, please do not make this purchase.

Shipments to the Norway, AUSTRALIA, and Canada are currently taking a LONG time to arrive. Please expect longer delivery times in those areas.

International First Class Mail: This service offers an average 5-20 day delivery with in-transit tracking. If a package does not arrive within 30 days, we can arrange for a refund or replacement. We recommend this service or better if you are in a hurry to get your items. 

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We will deliver your item to the post office quickly, but any time you are dealing with two post offices, two governments, customs clearance, and thousands of miles of distance - items can take a while to arrive.  If you need a guaranteed delivery date, please ask for a shipping quote for Express Mail. Please understand that once we give your package to the postal service, we have no control over how the postal service routes your package or how long customs takes to clear the package for delivery. 

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Flammable items such as Paints (non-water based or flammable), Fuels, Li-Po batteries and similar items cannot be shipped internationally.

***VERY IMPORTANT*** If your address uses more than 40 characters on any line of the address or your address contains special (non-english) characters please contact us before making payment. The shipping software we use will cut off any address line over 40 characters long. If you have a longer address than this, please contact us so we can make proper arrangements. 

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Flammable items such as paints (non-water based or flammable), fuels, and similar items cannot be shipped to these addresses due to hazardous materials restrictions. Additional shipping charges may apply to shipments going to these locations because heavy items we ship via UPS/FEDEX ground within the continental US - a method that cannot be used to theselocations.  We strongly suggest that you request Priority Mail shipping to APO/FPO addresses as first class mail to these locations can be slow.


The listed shipping and handling charges include insurance againstloss or damage for all items (foreign and domestic).

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