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parker PVP piston pump

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The two main types of piston pump are the lift pump and the force pump. Both types may be operated either by hand or by an engine.

Lift pump
In a lift pump, the upstroke of the piston draws water, through a valve, into the lower part of the cylinder. On the downstroke, water passes through valves set in the piston into the upper part of the cylinder. On the next upstroke, water is discharged from the upper part of the cylinder via a spout.

Force pump
In a force pump, the upstroke of the piston draws water, through an inlet valve, into the cylinder. On the downstroke, the water is discharged, through an outlet valve, into the outlet pipe.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
parker PVP1610R12 parker PVP1610R12 1 pcs Negotiable
parker PVP41302R2AVP11 parker PVP41302R2AVP11 1 pcs Negotiable
parker PVP1610RV12 parker PVP1610RV12 1 pcs Negotiable
parker PVP1610BR2A12 parker PVP1610BR2A12 1 pcs Negotiable
parker PVP1610L12 parker PVP1610L12 1 pcs Negotiable
parker PVP16202R26A4AV12 parker PVP16202R26A4AV12 1 pcs Negotiable
parker PVP1610B4R26A2VM12 parker PVP1610B4R26A2VM12 1 pcs Negotiable
parker PVP1610BRM12 parker PVP1610BRM12 1 pcs Negotiable
parker PVP1610R2M12 parker PVP1610R2M12 1 pcs Negotiable
parker PVP1610B4R26A112 parker PVP1610B4R26A112 1 pcs Negotiable
parker PVP1610CRAP12 parker PVP1610CRAP12 1 pcs Negotiable
parker PVP16202R212 parker PVP16202R212 1 pcs Negotiable