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2018-10-27 12:08:11

Horton Services adheres to the tenet of “Quality Service for Famous Brand Products”, with technical services as the basic point, providing you with timely and appropriate technical support and industrial equipment that meets the international product quality requirements.

Our main products: magnetic pump, magnetic switch, induction switch, buffer, motor, sealing components, pneumatic components, cylinders, compression pumps, hydraulic components, instrumentation, vacuum pumps, solenoid valves, vane pumps, cylinders, cylinder seals , gear pump, double pump, hydraulic valve, directional control valve, pressure control valve, direct-acting relief valve, slide cylinder, plunger pump, pressure relief valve, shuttle valve, pressure check valve, sequence Valves, motors, mechanical actuating valves, oil feeders, thin cylinders, superimposed pressure reducing valves, pressure relays, two-way gear motors, electro-hydraulic reversing valves, vane pumps, balancing valves, pressure gauges, magnetic sensors, electronic components Instruments, packaging materials, labor insurance supplies, hardware and electrical machinery, and other major brands at home and abroad such as Taiwan, Japan, Germany, and the United States.

Established on August 10, 1988, Tokyo Keiki Co., Ltd. is a technical service company with a large number of export products. Later on October 1, 2008, the original name TOKIMEC was officially renamed TOKYO KEIKI. In Japan, Tokyo Kiki (TOKYO KEIKI) is known as TOKIMEC.

TOKYO KEIKI is a well-known supplier of Japanese hydraulic components. TOKYO KEIKI produces low noise SQP series vane pumps, variable speed low speed and high torque MHT hydraulic motors, high performance PV, PH series TOKYO KEIKI variable displacement piston pumps, and the full range of TOKYO KEIKI hydraulic valve. Products are widely used in injection molding machines, die casting machines, machine tools and other industrial fields.

TOKYO KEIKI Tokyo Keiki mainly produces hydraulic products: Tokyo Keiki TOKYO KEIKI plunger pump, P16V, P21V, P31V, P40V, P70V, P100V, P130V, PH80, PH100, PH130 series, Tokyo meter TOKYO KEIKI vane pump, V10, V20, SQP(S)1, SQP(S)2, SQP(S)3, SQP(S)4, double vane pump SQP(S)21, SQP(S)31, SQP(S)32, SQP (S) 41, SQP (S) 42, SQP (S) 43, triple vane pump SQP (S) 211, SQP321, SQP421, SQP431, SQP432 and other series.

In the past years of business activities, Horton Services has established a good reputation, "to provide timely delivery, service to the home" won the praise of users.

If you have requirements please provide the following information to us (brand + model + quantity) and other relevant information. We will respond within 8 hours,Horton Services is looking forward to your call or email!